Amina Bassit - ESR9


Amina Bassit


Amina Bassit received her BSc degree in discrete mathematics from Hassan II University, Morocco, in 2013. Subsequently, she earned her MSc degree in cryptography at both Mohammed V University, Morocco, and Limoges University, France, in the fall of 2015. From 2016 to 2019, she was employed as a cryptographer at DGSSI, Morocco. Since April 2019, Amina has joined the Data Management and Biometrics (DMB) group and the Services and Cyber-Security (SCS) group of University of Twente, The Netherlands, to design a maliciously secure biometric verification protocol in the encrypted domain. Then from May 2020, she started working on her PhD as part of the PriMa (Privacy Matters) project where she is investigating the homomorphically encrypted likelihood-ratio-based (HELR) classifier in deep-learning-based biometric recognition; along with maliciously secure multi-party protocols.


Research Interests:

Biometric recognition, deep learning, homomorphic encryption, secure protocol design, provable security, multi-part computation, malicious model.