Ahmad Hassanpour - ESR4



Ahmad received his master's degree in computer engineering from Shiraz University of Technology where he implemented an intelligent CAD system for detecting lung nodules. He has four years of industry experience as a programmer and AI engineer in different companies. As an AI engineer, he worked on various projects such as face recognition system, object detector, fire detector, intelligent EEG and ECG signal analyzer, video classifier, etc. Besides his AI skills, distributed and scalable systems are another part of his interest and he has good knowledge of related frameworks like Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, etc.


Research Interests:

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Privacy, Brain-Computer Interface



ESR4: Modelling Private Identity Management Behaviours by Digital Footprints



How a person manages his/her private identities can be heavily influenced by the person’s knowledge scope, personality, body characteristics, and life patterns, which can be traced as digital footprints online. The specific task for this researcher position is to investigate and test this assumption, by quantifying the relations between digital footprints and identity attributes and modelling these by statistical and machine intelligence methods. Particular attention will be paid to the dynamics of human behaviours in identity management under various scenarios. Social communication mechanisms in real life such as social network and social robot are to be utilised to test the models by experiments compliant to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Main supervisor

Bian Yang



Ruben Vera-Rodriguez