Giuseppe Stragapede - ESR8



Giuseppe Stragapede received his bachelor's degree in Electronic and Telecommunications' Engineering in 2016 and his master's degree in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico di Bari (Bari, Italy) with honors in 2019. He has worked for over one year in the industry as a computer vision engineer. He has spent 5 months at Teleperformance in Tirana (Albania) working on a research project for his master thesis on an OCR application for ID documents by using deep learning techniques. During his master's degree, he was an Erasmus+ student for one term at the University of Glasgow.


Research Interests:

digital signal processing, deep learning and computer vision


ESR8: Privacy Protection in Multimodal Biometrics with Application to e-Learning and e-Banking



The specific research topic of this position is on privacy protection for multimodal biometric systems. The main scientific goals will be: 1) to analyze the main challenges and requirements of biometric template protection, both for security and privacy, in single and multi-modal biometric systems; 2) to evaluate several state of the art approaches, the information stored, the recognition performance, the potential advantages and limitations; 3) to review existing and propose novel metrics to measure the levels of noninvertibility, revocability and unlinkability of biometric templates for multimodal systems.


Main supervisor

Ruben Vera-Rodriguez



Bian Yang