What is PriMa?

PriMa (Privacy Matters) is an Innovative Training Network (ITN) funded by the EU through the Horizon 2020 Framework. PriMa is a collaboration between 7 research locations and 7 industrial partner organisations with a focus on the analysis and mitigation of privacy risks in a rapidly digitalising society. One factor contributing to the erosion of privacy is the growth in recognition technologies that not only facilitate the recognition of individuals but also the inference from biometric data of emotional state, gender, health, age, and even profession. Another factor is the fast advancement of artificial intelligence, allowing for extensive data mining, and aggregation, linkage and inference of personal information. Hence, there is a real possibility that acceptable privacy may become unattainable unless technological and societal steps are taken to allow citizens to regain control of their personal information.

Therefore, the overall objectives of PriMa are:

  1. To train 14 creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative researchers as privacy protection experts.
  2. To contribute to a full understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of privacy protection in a digitalised society.
  3. To contribute to the development of solutions that address this important societal challenge.

PriMa will train a next generation of researchers to define, investigate and implement solutions that ensure secure and efficient privacy protection whilst keeping the advantages of a digitalised society, and provide them with transferable skills to enable effective planning, management and communication of research ideas and outcomes. This will give them excellent career opportunities.

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Privacy disclaimer

Regarding the privacy of your data we would like to inform you that your application and personal information sent to the EurAxess jobportal, the PRIMA website and/or the individual recruiting entities will be processed (i) by the European Commission, within the modalities specified under its Privacy Statement ; and (ii) by all or some PRIMA Consortium members. For the latter, your application data and personal information you provide during the recruiting process, will be shared with and processed by  the University of Twente (the PRIMA coordinator),  Building Zilverling 4087, PO Box 217, 7500  AE Enschede, the Netherlands, as well as all or some  PRIMA main consortium members (as listed and with contact details on this website above). The PRIMA Coordinator and the PRIMA Consortium members will process your personal data and act as joint controllers, for purposes of (i) considering your application and possible selection, (ii) recruitment and hiring for the present and possible other or future research projects.  The processing basis is the necessity for (pre-) contract preparations and the legitimate interest of the PRIMA consortium members to review, compare and select candidates for PRIMA and possibly other research projects, if any. Your personal data will be kept for until 1 year after the end of the PRIMA project.

You have data access, rectification, erasure, restriction, objection and portability rights subject to the applicable data protection legislations.  For questions, exercise of your rights and more data protection information, you can contact b.j.connell@utwente.nl as well as the respective PRIMA members' data protection officers.