Paula Delgado de Santos - ESR2



Paula has a bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. She later attended a master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering while she was working in a scholarship of IBM together with her home university. The previous year she was working at a Swiss University, HEIG-VD, as a Data Science.


Research Interests:

One of her biggest queries is the area of machine learning. In turn, another great field that she is now investigating in her master's thesis is the field of biometrics. Nowadays, the field of machine learning together with biometrics are giving very good results. One of the fields in which she finds a certain attraction is in the human-computer relationship, being able to observe how from the sensors of a telephone it is possible to carry out user authentication.


ESR2: Mobile Device Background Sensors: Authentication vs Privacy



The specific project will study the data-richness of background sensor data elements obtained from mobile devices in a continuous authentication scenario. We shall explore how ‘personalised’ data elements are, thereby providing an analysis as to which elements can enable accurate authentication, and by extension require the most privacy protection. In particular, we shall examine the sensitivity of combinations of data elements, the ability to infer one data element from another and how individuals and groups may be able to resist such challenges to their privacy.


Main supervisor

Richard Guest



Ruben Vera-Rodriguez