Feiyang Tang - ESR11



Feiyang Tang will join Norwegian Computing Center (NR) as a PhD student (ESR 11) of PriMa in October 2020. Before that, he obtained MSc in Artificial Intelligence from KU Leuven with a thesis on image-text alignment for artworks and BSc Honours in computer science from The University of Auckland focused on adaptive data stream mining.


Research interests:

artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, information security, knowledge discovery


ESR11: Detecting privacy problems in software



The objective of this work to give an operational definition of the term “privacy defect” and thus enable the semi-automatic detection of privacy-related issues in software. The work will build on previous work on formal specification and on existing tools for property checking and analysis of software. The project shall adapt and extend techniques to discover defects and design flaws related to processing of personal data and privacy policies, including the treatment of biometric information in distributed systems. The work will facilitate the building of tools that help software development organisations write software that complies with data protection regulation (such as the GDRP).


Main supervisor

Bjarte M. Østvold



Raymond Veldhuis