Jinghuai Lin - ESR13



Jinghuai Lin obtained his Bachelor degree (B.Sc.) in Electronic Information Science and Technology from Sun Yat-sen University in China, and his Master degree (M.Sc.) in Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging from University College London. His research is focused on virtual reality and augmented reality, and his Master's thesis is about augmented reality for cultural heritage.


Research Interests:

virtual reality, augmented reality


ESR13: Privacy protection effects on social communication



The specific research topic of this position are privacy matters emerging from the interaction between humanoid avatars, e.g., research and development of methods to evaluate, secure, and improve overall usability and user experience (UX) with a specific focus on trust, trustworthiness, and authenticity between live-like photorealistic avatars.


Main supervisor

Marc Erich Latoschik



Els Kindt