The University of Twente (UTW)

The UTW is an entrepreneurial research university located in Enschede in The Netherlands. It was founded in 1961 and offers education and research in areas ranging from technological to behavioural sciences. The research of the Biometric Pattern Recognition lab of the University of Twente includes Pattern Recognition, Imaging and Computer Vision and Biometrics. A Master on Computer Vision and Biometrics is offered with advanced courses on Biometrics, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. In the area of biometrics, the research is aimed at 3D facial recognition, 2D facial recognition for surveillance applications, fingerprint recognition, forensic biometrics, fingervein recognition and biometric template protection. The group consists of a permanent staff of 4 senior researchers, 9 PhD students, and 2 post-doctoral researchers. The members of the group are experienced researchers in biometrics, imaging, image analysis and understanding and pattern recognition.